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  • -Jessica C
    G'day Days

    Can't thank you enough for how much you mentoring as improved my life! Not just my fitness, but every aspect of my life!... Your teaching of visualization has even helped my apprenticeship, being a 2nd year apprentice in hair dressing , I would start visualizing the end result of every client that i work with and that's EXACTLY how it would look! Your lessons can be practiced with everything you do!! Thank you so much!!

    Keep up the awesome work!! 

    tra6 Jessica Coleman Adelaide Australia 
  • -Jake S

    "The program and nutrition plan is going great! I've been following it to a 'T' and noticing differences already. I was already pretty motivated, but your posts are always hammering home about excuses are bullshit and I've really taken that on board and it's really solidified in my psyche. Training on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day is something I normally would have put off, but it was the highlight of both days haha

    The nutritional plan is what I really needed, I do a lot of research myself but everyone has different ideas and it was pretty overwhelming. Having this clearly outlined and informative program is making it a lot easier, and I've got heaps more energy during the day.

    Cheers Days !" 

    Tra2 JAKE Smith Melbourne,AUSTRALIA
  • tra8 Jennifer king White Plains, NY
  • TRA11 Rita s Los Angeles, CA